Coronavirus Diaries


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A visual diary started on Instagram a few days after the quarantine kicked in Italy.

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Day 06. Finding Zen in unexpected places.

Day 07. The K9 Hydration Pack. Maximize your allowed outside time thanks to this handy gadget.

Day 09. And the irresistible urge to touch one's face at the supermarket.

Day 11. It's springtime!

Day 12. Resource optimization.

Day 15. Don't forget to take your jeans out every once in a while.

Day 17. Nostalgia kicking in.

Day 19. Introducing the PrivacyPod™

Day 22. The world is changed. Humans are gone, and the crumbs with them. I hear ‘gulls, ‘gulls in the deep. They are coming.

Coronavirus Diaries – Day 23. Witness me.

Day 25. Vincent, we happy?

Yeah, we happy.

Day 30. Hair out of control.